Additional Support

NHS Practitioner Health

Practitioner Health is a free, confidential NHS service for doctors and dentists across England with mental illness and addiction problems, who are working or looking to return to clinical practice.


DocHealth is a confidential, not for profit, psychotherapeutic consultation service for all doctors

Doctors' Support Network

Peer support network for doctors with mental health concerns – with regular meetings around the UK, a newsletter and an e-mail forum. 

BMA Wellbeing Services

The BMA have a range of resources, including psychological support and ideas of reasonable adjustments that can be made in the workplace or during training. 

They also have a page with useful questionnaires if you feel you are experiencing symptoms of burnout or drinking too much for example. 

Tea and Empathy - Facebook group

An online peer support network of >4,500 NHS staff (mainly doctors) – aiming to foster an atmosphere of compassion and support throughout the NHS. You can post anonymously or openly in the main public group, regional closed groups or secret groups for addictions, mistakes and LGBT staff.

Sarah helped me to work through why I felt unhappy in my GP job and consider what my options were. She encouraged and supported me to brainstorm what was important to me in my career. I now feel content to continue my career in General Practice and feel confident in what I am looking for in a new GP role.

I would like to thank Sarah for such helpful sessions and for passing on her knowledge and positivity! I would recommend her to anyone who feels unhappy or unfulfilled in their current doctor role.

Questionnaire response

It was a pleasure to meet Sarah. She made me feel instantly relaxed and I felt I could be honest. I felt she gave me lots of useful tips and suggestions as well as listening and helping me to understand my own thinking and journey.

The coaching was excellent. I’ve learnt to continue to follow my desires for a diverse and individual career; to be open to the fact a leadership role may come even if I don’t go back into partnership. And to consider options such as appraiser roles.

Questionnaire response